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Dr Abdulkadir Ganah

Senior Lecturer
School of Arts and Media

Abdulkadir has worked at UCLan since 2007. He is a Senior Lecturer and currently the Course Leader for the BSc (Hons) Architectural Technology Programme. Abdulkadir currently conducts research on BIM, ICT and IoT application in the architecture, engineering and construction industry (AEC), Modern Methods of Construction (MMC), Training and Skills Development, Project Management and supervises a number of PhD students. He has completed a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) which was awarded the highest grade of “Outstanding” by KTP Grading Panel for its achievement in meeting KTP’s objectives and completed a project on Digital Compliance (D-COM) with other partners. His research interests include BIM, IoT, Sustainable Built Environment, Computer Visualisation, Buildability, ICT in Construction.

Abdulkadir Ganah is a Senior Lecturer at the Grenfell-Baines Institute of Architecture, University of Central Lancashire. After graduating from Urban Planning Department, University of Benghazi, Abdulkadir worked in Planning Section, Eljoufra Local Government and Houn Engineering Consultant Bureau before undertaking postgraduate studies in the area of Architecture at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne and Dundee University. Following this, Abdulkadir worked a lecturer at the Faculty of Technology and Engineering, Sebha University for two years before studying his research degree at the Civil and Building Engineering Department, Loughborough University. After finishing his PhD, Abdulkadir moved to the University of Newcastle upon Tyne to work as a Research Associate for two years then moved to Lancaster University to work as a researcher on an ESF project.

Abdulkadir joined the University of Central Lancashire as a research fellow at the Knowledge Transfer Unit to become later a lecturer in Architecture. Later, he has been promoted to a senior lecturer and Course Leader for BSc. (Hons) Architectural Studies (Foundation Entry) then Course Leader for BSc. (Hons) in Architectural Technology. He has maintained research interests in ICT, BIM, IoT, Sustainability, and Design and Construction Management, and is the author of more than 40 publications. Abdulkadir is an active research and supervises a number of PhD students.

Abdulkadir has participated in preparation of the proposal writing and delivery of the D-COM Network Group. This group consisted of academics from academia and industry. The group was funded by Centre for Digital Built Britain (cdbb) at Cambridge University which is funded by EPSRC. D-COM looked at develop a research roadmap for achieving digitisation of built environment regulations. He also supervision of KTP Associate working with Frank Whittle Partnership. Aim of the project: to develop and implement a Building Information Modelling (BIM) strategy to support process and data management innovation within a multi-disciplined organisation.