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Dr Bill Swalwell

Professional Tutor in Computing
School of Natural Sciences

Bill is a member of the Solar Physics Research Group at the Jeremiah Horrocks Institute (JHI) at UCLan. His particular interest is in Space Weather forecasting, studying the acceleration and propagation through interplanetary space of Solar Energetic Particles (SEPs). Bill teaches mathematics at UCLAN and is also involved in our outreach programmes.

Bill began to work at UCLan immediately after completing his PhD Thesis in 2017. He teaches Foundation Year mathematics, as well as giving tutorials for the Functions, Vectors and Calculus, and Applied Physics and Linear Systems modules. Bill's research work is carried out primarily with Professor Silvia Dalla and Dr Timo Laitinen. He studies large eruptive solar events such as solar flares and Coronal Mass Ejections, and is working on gaining a better understanding as to the effect that such events have on the conditions in near-Earth space. He has been helping to improve Space Weather forecasting software which has been developed within the Solar Physics Research Group at UCLan. He has published works in, amongst other journals, Solar Physics and Space Weather. As well as his teaching and research activities, Bill also takes part in our outreach programme, giving talks to schools', scouts' and beavers' groups, as well as presentations to members of the public and local astronomical societies.

After working as a solicitor in the Criminal Defence Service for more than thirty years, Bill obtained his PhD in Solar Physics from UCLan in 2017. Since completing his Thesis, he has continued to work with the Solar Physics Research Group, publishing works on, amongst other topics, False Alarms in Solar Energetic Particle (SEP) Event Forecasting and Multi-spacecraft Observations of SEPs. Bill has attended many Astronomical and Solar Physics conferences, giving both oral and poster presentations about his work.