Professor Ahmed Onsy

Professor of Mechatronics and Intelligent Systems Engineering, Associate Dean of School of Engineering and Computing For Business Development and PartnershipsSchool of Engineering and Computing

Ahmed has been awarded his PhD from the School of Mechanical and Systems Engineering, Design Unit and Mechatronics Group, Newcastle University, UK. His main research interests are intelligent diagnostics and health management systems, intelligent maintenance systems, advanced mechatronics, and embedded systems which can be directly applied to Intelligent Diagnostic and Health Management (DHM) and Predictive Health Monitoring (PHM) systems for oil well, wind turbine, aerospace (SHM & HUM), marine, and automotive applications. Ahmed is contributing to research within the area of Maintenance and Intelligent Machines (Tribotronics) and is a member of the Jost Institute for Tribotechnology. Ahmed is teaching many modules on undergraduate and postgraduate programmes; Mechatronics and Intelligent Machines, Intelligent Maintenance Engineering and Maintenance Engineering.