Worldwise Learning Centre

The Worldwise Learning Centre at the School of Humanities, Language and Global Studies is dedicated to promoting awareness of world languages and cultures. It is open all year round and offers support, training and professional development opportunities for the University’s students, members of staff, the public and the business community of the North West of England. We aspire to enhance cross-cultural awareness, intercultural and linguistic communication skills for the advancement of their academic studies and professional careers in multicultural and multilingual settings.

The Centre provides access to exciting language learning technologies and advanced facilities for video conferencing, simultaneous interpreting, digital communication and international TV and over 30 PC stations alongside extensive resources related to world languages, cultures and intercultural communication, including reference books, DVDs, dictionaries, specific country files and various student-initiated materials, available both in print and electronically.

The Centre runs a number of activities to support learners of world languages and cultures. These include: culture and language celebration events, shows and exhibitions, events for local schools and guest talks.

The Worldwise Learning Centre is located on the first floor of Adelphi Building.

The facilities in the Centre are available to students, staff and members of public studying a language throughout the year. The Helpdesk is open Monday to Thursday between 9:00-17:00 and between 9:00-16:00 on Friday.

Open meeting area

Open meeting area

In the Centre visitors can meet and make friends with speakers of different languages in a welcoming environment.

Digital Equipment on loan

The Centre is the place to borrow items such as digital cameras, projectors, digital voice recorders, e-pens, webcams and audio headsets.

PCs in the Worldwise Learning Centre

All the PCs in the Centre are equipped with specialist language learning software, including the world-leading Rosetta Stone, as well as digital video and audio recording applications.

IPTV System

The Centre’s IPTV System offers excellent quality television and radio services on all PCs giving students access to a wide variety of international broadcasts.

Printing facilities

Printing facilities are available for all students in the open area of the Centre on the second floor.


Digital Language Lab

The Centre’s Digital Language Lab allows language tutors and students to carry out a wide range of learning activities using a number of different media. SANAKO Study 1200, advanced software for language teaching and learning, motivates and engages students with multiple possibilities for individualization and interactivity. It also provides a campus-wide multimedia language learning environment for delivery of simultaneous lessons anytime, anywhere across the university without the need for dedicated classrooms.

What is a SANAKO language lab?

Rosetta Stone

The Worldwise Learning Centre at the School of Language and Global Studies offers UCLan students, members of staff and public a unique opportunity to improve their foreign language skills with the help of Rosetta Stone, the world’s leading language learning software.

Rosetta Stone is offered in the Worldwise Learning Centre in 18 languages at different levels: Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English (UK & US), French, German, Hindi, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Vietnamese.

Rosetta Stone is a high-quality language learning software that helps you learn languages naturally, the same way you learned your first language, by connecting words to objects. It is a self-study language learning course that you can follow in your own time, at your own pace. Each course can be tailored to the learner’s needs and goals.

Worldwise - Rosetta Stone

Advanced Video Conferencing facilities

Students and members of staff can participate in regular international meetings via our advanced video conferencing facilities.

The Worldwise Learning Centre is organising regular video conferences during the year offering all our students the opportunity to meet students from our partner institutions across the world.

Advanced Video Conferencing facilities

Digital Conference Interpreting Suites

Two dedicated conference interpreting suites equipped with the state-of-the-art Brahler Simultaneous Interpreting System, Polycom HDX7002 Videoconferencing System, Smartboard interactive whiteboard, 42" LCD monitor and wireless internet provide excellent opportunities for teaching and learning, as well as for meetings with simultaneous interpreting, presentations and mini-conferences for up to 30 participants.

Digital Conference Interpreting Suites

Digital Conference Interpreting Suites


To support and enhance students’ learning experience, various resources are available including self-study books and dictionaries, a collection of international magazines and newspapers as well as digital video and audio material in a variety of languages.

Worldwise students