Sports Biomechanics Laboratory

Situated in Darwin Building, UCLan's Sports Biomechanics Laboratory is a state-of-the-art, two storey facility. Twenty metres in length, it allows us to carry out a vast number of practical sport and exercise activities.

The Biomechanics Laboratory houses a 10 camera Qualisys Oqus system with eight infra-red cameras permanently fixed on a purpose built camera track and two ‘floating’ cameras that have infra-red and video capabilities.

The system is aligned to top of the range QTM and Visual 3D software to enable real time motion capture and complex 3D analysis. This can be synchronised to most of the other equipment available in the lab, which includes a Kistler force platform, a Biometrics 16 channel EMG, electrogoniometer and 3D accelerometer system, an RS Scan pressure mat, Tekscan foot pressure sensors and a number of other signalling equipment such as accelerometers, strain gauges, a Redlake high speed camera and load cells.

The Lab is also equipped with a Concept II rowing ergometer and a Monarch cycling ergometer, a treadmill, Newtest timing light and jump mat equipment and a range of video equipment. In addition, specific studies occasionally need bespoke equipment, which is designed and developed by Sports Technology staff and students. To date prototype equipment includes a bespoke cycle ergometer, an equivalent one rep max test rig, bicycle force pedals, instrumentation to measure internal hoof strain, a putter head swing rig and drop test rigs.

We have a ‘hands on’ approach to learning so students have the opportunity to develop practical skills throughout the three years of their degree, which includes at Level 3 the opportunity to learn to use the Qualisys Oqus system. The Lab is also used frequently for master's and research work. Equipment from this lab is also used in field based studies, where data is collected at Preston Sports Arena or other off campus locations.