Photography Scanning Suite

The digital Suite has Twelve Imac computers that are attached to industry standard scanners enabling us to digitise a variety of analogue negative formats.

Photography Scanning Suite

The Hasselblad X1 scanner is an industry standard workhorse enabling the highest quality of scan for large format negatives.

Three Nikon Super Cool Scan 9000ed and one Imacon Flextight provide medium format replication and three Nikon 5000ed support 35mm sizes.

We have recently increased our A4 flat bed scanning equipment, purchasing Epson V750 pro scanners with Fluid negative mounts and three Epson Perfection 11000Xl A3 flat bed scanners two with negative Light boxes that can support negatives up to 10x8 size.

Photography Scanning Suite

Media Factory

Media Factory

Equipment Available

Apple iMac Computers
Hasselblad X1 Scanner
Nikon Coolscan 9000ED Scanners
Imacon Flextight Scanner
Epson V750 Pro Scanners
Epson Perfection 11000XL A3 Flat bed Scanners
Light Boxes

Contact Us

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+44 (0)1772 894969 | Victoria Building VB337

Joanna Garrett | Technician
+44 (0)1772 89 4311 | Victoria Building VB114

LIS Customer Support Team
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Media Factory ME244


Facilities open 24/7.

Please note that these facilities are used for scheduled teaching activities. This space is available as an open access facility for all photographic students outside of teaching sessions. Access for students studying courses other that photography should contact the technical team to arrange access to these resources.