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William Woodruff was born into a family of cotton weavers on September 12th 1916, in Blackburn. He was only four years old when Lancashire's world supremacy in textiles ended in the financial crash of 1920.

William Woodruff (1916-2008) was born into a family of cotton weavers in Blackburn. Leaving Lancashire for London, Woodruff’s political ambition started with him joining the Labour Party. In the years following he would achieve a Diploma in Economics and Political Science before serving in the army during WWII. Following the war, he spent 50 years in academia, where his major works include: A Concise History of the Modern World 1500 to the Present, The Road To Nab End, Beyond Nab End, Shadows of Glory, Vessel of Sadness and Paradise Galore. For further biographical information please visit the William Woodruff website.

The collection contains articles, draft publications, books including the foreign language translations plus recordings of interviews. Search within the collection on Library Search.

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William Woodruff
William Woodruff

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