Jeremiah Horrocks Observatory archive

A part of the University of Central Lancashire archive the collection consists of records and papers from the Jeremiah Horrocks Observatory on Moor Park in Preston.

Named after local astronomer Jeremiah Horrocks, this collection contains lantern slides, weather charts, records and photographs of the observatory and its staff from the early 20th Century.

A large part of this collection are documents, scrapbooks and sketches from George James Gibbs, who was the curator at the Moor Park Observatory as a replacement to the Preston Municipal Observatory at Deepdale. A keen educator and inventor of the heliochronometer, under Gibbs the observatories held a number of public lectures and events at the site, including the grand opening on 29th June 1927.

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Drawing of Cumulus Rising by George Gibbs
Drawing of Cumulus Rising by George Gibbs