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Equality, diversity and inclusion statement

Our ambition

We believe in helping people to seize every opportunity to flourish in education, at work and for life. This spirit of ‘opportunity for all’ has remained at the heart of our mission since our inception in 1828.

We are proud to be a force for positive change, championing equality and enriching the lives of our learners, colleagues and the communities we serve. Our equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) statement sets out our ambitions in relation to EDI, ensuring fair treatment and opportunity for all. We believe it is our collective responsibility to make sure that everybody is treated equally, has equality of opportunity and feels as though they belong within the University. 

We recognise that inequalities exist and are present not only across the HE sector, but also here at UCLan. Examples of challenges include under-representation of female learners in some of our STEM areas, award gaps that stubbornly exist for some groups of learners or the need to improve diversity in areas of our staff workforce. Campaigns such as Black Lives Matter, the #metoo campaign as well as the Covid-19 pandemic have highlighted some of the entrenched and structural inequalities that persist across society.

Enhancing sense of belonging is core to our aspiration to eliminate or significantly narrow disparities and inequalities that currently present in our staff and learner groups. We will strengthen our efforts to support social mobility across all of our communities. As part of our root and branch review of EDI we have undertaken detailed data-analysis of key areas of our work to identify benchmarks, what needs to change and how this can be achieved over the next seven years. Further details of our current position and progress can be found in our EDI Annual Report.

Putting our plan into action

Our ongoing work will focus on the following four pillars:

Develop a people profile that better reflects the learner profile and where people have the knowledge, cultural intelligence and capabilities to meet the needs of our diverse learner population, stakeholders and communities.
Eliminate gaps in relation to the recruitment, continuation, awards and graduate outcomes for the learner body.
Develop an enhanced sense of belonging through strengthening our inclusive culture and environment.
Strengthen our national and international research impact in areas relating to EDI.

In working towards these pillars, we commit to:

  • Taking anti-discriminatory approaches that will foster a culture of real change.
  • Taking a data-led approach to identifying where our key EDI challenges lie.
  • Implementing long-term and real, sustained approaches to achieving our EDI goals, backed with appropriate resources to support initiatives.
  • Calling out and challenging discrimination and inequality where we find it.
  • Working with our people, learner body and wider stakeholders to advance and embed an enhanced inclusive culture and environment that allows all to understand, develop and flourish.
  • Reviewing all goals by 2024 to ensure they remain appropriate and relevant.

Work is well underway in developing a whole institution approach to building sense of belonging for all and tackling inequalities here at the University. 

Find out more about our EDI ambition and approach