Student carers support

Student support

Do you provide unpaid support for a friend or family member due to illness, disability or an addiction? We have a number of support options available to help you.

What support is available for student carers?

  • Financial aid through our Carers Bursary and Hardship Fund
  • Access to specialist support staff and resources
  • Flexible arrangements for your studies
  • Guidance on suitable study options for your circumstances

Already studying with us?

Our Student Hub has more information about the support you can get based on your personal needs and circumstances.

Around 6.5 million people in the UK are carers, looking after a parent, partner, child or friend. Caring can be a hugely rewarding experience but sometimes carers find it challenging to take care of their own wellbeing whilst caring.

For students who have caring responsibilities, going to university can be tough. We want to ensure that all our student carers receive as much support as possible.

Who is considered to be a student carer?

You're considered to be a student carer if you care – without payment – for a friend, partner or family member with:

  • An illness
  • A disability
  • A mental health problem
  • An addiction

You are considered to be a carer if your friend, partner or family member cannot cope without your support and care.

A carer is not a parent, unless you are caring for a child meeting the criteria above.

You are not considered to be a carer if your caring responsibilities are part of voluntary placement or paid work (eg. childminding). This includes placements and work both inside or outside of your course.

What help could you be entitled to?

We support students with caring responsibilities in a number of ways, for example:

  • We provide access to specialist staff who can support you throughout your time at university.
  • We give clear information to you about the content and nature of the course. Including assessment methods, learning outcomes and professional body requirements. Allowing you to assess how you can successfully study and care at the same time.
  • We work with your academic team to identify the most suitable study option for you in line with your course requirements.
  • Where possible, we ensure courses include procedures for supporting students with exceptional circumstances.
  • Where we can, we'll put in place flexible arrangements in teaching and learning for you.
  • You can receive extra financial support from a Carers Bursary and Hardship Fund.