The University of Central Lancashire welcome students from a diverse range of backgrounds. We are committed to making our campus open and inclusive to all, so you can feel comfortable being yourself.

Faith and religion

You can practice your religion at uni. The Oasis Centre is a multi-faith centre on campus where you can go for prayer, reflection or to seek religious guidance. We have a multi-faith chaplaincy team including representatives from Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Judaism. They can help you with spiritual questions and provide counsel. There are also a number of religious societies where you can meet people of the same faith.

Oasis Centre


We welcome students from all over the world, so you'll be part of a diverse student community. We have a number of anti-racism policies to protect minority students. The Student's Union also have societies for people from different backgrounds. There's an African-Caribbean Society, Chinese Society, Indian Society and more. They welcome people from these backgrounds to celebrate the culture and form a community. 


We want to remove barriers for disabled students and create an accessible campus. If you have a disability, learning difficulty or mental health condition, you can access specialist disability and inclusive support. They can help with any adjustments or ongoing support you may need. We also have disabled student's accommodation, so you don't miss out on any aspect of uni life. There's a Disabled Student's society where you can meet and socialise with other students who have a disability.

Disability support

Gender and sexuality

We were awarded the Athena Swan Bronze award in 2020 for our commitment to gender equality, including trans people. We are also proud to support our LGBTQ+ students, with Pride celebrations taking place across campus. The Students' Union also have representatives for men, women, LGB and trans students.

Report + Support

We've launched a Report + Support service to help tackle inappropriate behaviour on campus. You can use it to report bullying, harassment, hate crime, safeguarding issues and more. You can choose to talk to someone or keep your complaint anonymous. 

Report + Support

Students' Union

The Students' Union actively promote inclusivity. They have lots of societies where you can meet people just like you. These cover race, religion, hobbies and sport. You can find your people and build a real community - and if there isn't a society that meets your needs, you can make one.

Students' Union

Where next?

  • Students' Union

    The Students' Union can provide advice and support throughout your time at uni. There are lots of different clubs and societies where you can find your people and build a real community.

  • Alcohol-free activities

    Discover alcohol-free activities in Preston and Burnley. From cinema trips to virtual reality sports halls, there's plenty to do in the North West without alcohol.

  • Why choose us?

    Find out more about why you belong at The University of Central Lancashire – with insight from our current students.