Research Facilitation and Delivery Unit (RFDU)

Institute for Applied Health and Wellbeing (LIFE)

The Research Facilitation and Delivery Unit (RFDU) provides expert administrative and academic support for health and social care research, offering comprehensive services from project design to dissemination.

The Research Facilitation and Delivery Unit (RFDU) supports health and social care research projects at the university. Our unit provides support to researchers, matching expertise to the specific needs and stages of each research project, from initial design through to dissemination.

Aims and objectives

Comprehensive Research Support

  • Design and Setup. We assist with grant application development, background literature searches, research design and methods support, protocol development, and ethical approval processes.

  • Data Collection and Management. Support participant recruitment, organise and conduct surveys, interviews, focus groups, and manage data collection using robust methodologies.

  • Data Analysis. Provide quantitative and qualitative data analysis, including descriptive/inferential statistics, thematic analysis, and transcription services.

  • Dissemination. Assist with the preparation and submission of research reports, journal papers, book chapters and presentations for conferences and other academic forums.

Enhance Research Quality

Utilise the expertise of our team to improve the design, execution, and reporting of research projects, ensuring adherence to high ethical standards and governance practices.

Facilitate Collaborations

Promote partnerships within the university and with external academic and healthcare organisations to foster collaborative research efforts. Highlight successful projects and partnerships to attract new collaborators and funding opportunities.

Operational Efficiency

Streamline administrative processes to support research activities effectively. Provide technical and logistical support to facilitate smooth project management and execution, including organising meetings, seminars, and conferences, and providing general administrative assistance including the design and management of project websites and social media.

The RFDU is committed to advancing health and social care research by providing essential support services that enable researchers to focus on their core activities and achieve impactful outcomes. Our team is here to ensure that every research project receives the specialised attention and resources it needs to succeed.

Academic team

Professor Dame Caroline Watkins
Professor of Stroke and Older People Care
Dr Julie Cook
Research Fellow
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