Mackenzie Clinical Research Institute

Biomedical Evidence-based Transdisciplinary Health Research

The Mackenzie Clinical Research Institute is a newly established clinical research centre based at the UCLan Burnley campus. This is an exciting collaboration between us and our NHS partners.

Excellence in General Practise Research

This is an exciting collaboration between the University and its NHS partners.

The Institute brings clinical research excellence back to Burnley, where clinical research in primary care really began, as it follows in the footsteps of Sir James Mackenzie, a Burnley GP in who is considered as the father of general practice-based research.

The Mackenzie Clinical Research Institute will develop research expertise and educational capacity to meet the challenges faced by health and social care. The Institute benefits from a number of Academic Fellowships jointly funded by the East Lancashire NHS Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).

The Mackenzie Clinical Research Institute will:

  • Offer part-time doctoral posts
  • Develop collaborative programmes of research between academic partners, such as Schools of Dentistry, Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences, and other community-based health providers informed by the needs of the health community
  • Contribute to the regional, national and international development of the primary care academic agenda by planned activities such as hosting international conferences
  • Develop academic career paths from trainees to senior scientists, in collaboration with NHS partners and NHS England
  • Establish a critical mass of healthcare academics (clinical and primary healthcare scientists) in order to contribute to the collective work of UCLan to develop, deliver and support workforce for health and social care across Lancashire and Cumbria.