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Applied Policy Sciences Unit (APSU)

The Applied Policy Science Unit (APSU) is an independent political science research unit at the University of Central Lancashire.

APSU’s mission is to make an original and independent contribution to policy and its implementation. Under the APSU’s auspices, the University undertakes academic research and dissemination in the field of political science. Currently, this work has a special focus on public value management and governance in the context of a ‘World Risk Society.'

In addition to UCLan staff involved in political science research and dissemination, the APSU also engages, as advisors, individuals who are professionally involved in academe, policy, and government from organisations involved with public, private and social sectors.

There has been a political science research unit at the Westlakes Science Park in Cumbria for almost three decades. This unit builds upon and develops work in governance architectures and institutions, and belief and value systems.

This long engagement in applied policy science has given the APSU a distinctive perspective on public value and interactions between citizens and communities in a globalised economy, and in the importance of individual values and beliefs, and community-level interactions in addressing issues confronting contemporary society.

In support of its mission, APSU’s objectives are:

  • to facilitate and undertake applied research into policy problems confronting public, private and social sectors
  • to make an independent and original contribution in the field of applied policy and political sciences
  • to combine rigorous academic enquiry with the insights of experienced policy practitioners
  • to act as a catalyst for the development and implementation of policy
  • to disseminate the results of research through teaching, publications, seminars and conferences