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Academic Quality and Enhancement

We provide professional support for the development and enhancement of academic quality functions across the University. This page provides information to our external stakeholders who require information on our regulations and procedures.

Course approval and review

Colleagues external to the University should use the button below to access policies, procedures and forms. In order to access this area, colleagues should either be signed in to their browser with their UCLan ID, or request access under their own Microsoft 365 organisation. For further support please email:

External Advisers

Thank you for agreeing to act as an external adviser to the University of Central Lancashire. The following documentation and pro forma are designed to provide you with guidance on your role. Event specific information will be provided to you separately.

Please complete the expenses form after the event and return it to the Reporting Officer. Original receipts are required to ensure you are not taxed on out of pocket expenses.

External Advisers are requested to submit a brief report in advance of all course approval and periodic course review events. The Reporting Officer will advise which report should be completed.

External Examiners

The External Examiner system is an integral part of the University’s quality assurance and enhancement processes. External Examiners play a crucial role in the maintenance of academic standards, ensuring assessment processes are conducted fairly and in accordance with our academic framework.

We value the contribution made by External Examiners and draw on feedback to enhance the student experience, learning and teaching and quality processes. Schools are required to respond formally to suggestions for action from External Examiners.

The role of the External Examiner

  • To verify that academic standards are appropriate for the award.
  • To ensure comparability of academic standards with similar HE programmes across the UK.
  • To ensure that the assessment processes are sound, fairly operated and in line with the University’s policies and regulations.

View the External Examiner's Handbook.

Your appointment as External Examiner to the University of Central Lancashire is subject to the University receiving evidence of your right to work in the UK. This evidence must be received prior to your appointment.

In order to comply with the Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act 2006, all External Examiners must confirm their eligibility to work in the UK. External Examiners’ eligibility to work in the UK will have to be checked in person for all External Examiners upon appointment. As External Examiners do not normally attend the University immediately upon their appointment, the following process will apply:

  1. All new External Examiners are asked to return with their completed nomination form a photocopy or scanned copy of documentation verifying their eligibility to work in the UK, as detailed in List A and List B on Right to Work Checklist on the government website. Nomination forms submitted without this evidence will not be processed.
  2. In line with the Government's Right to Work Checklist we must see the original evidence of right to work (we cannot accept certified copies). During COVID restrictions, this will be carried out via a live video connection with a member of AQE staff

Please note that we do not accept certified copies as evidence of right to work.

If you do not provide your right to work documents in accordance with the above procedure, the University will be unable to confirm your appointment as an External Examiner and will not be able to set you up on our systems and/or make any payment to you in relation to the role.

All new External Examiners are required to engage with the online induction training. We recognise that all External Examiners have had considerable experience in assessing student work at undergraduate or postgraduate level, however university systems of assessment do vary from one institution to another.

The aim of our External Examiners Induction training is to provide you with information regarding:

  • The role and responsibilities of an External Examiner at the University of Central Lancashire.
  • Gain an understanding of the systems and practices at UCLan.
  • Information on the production on your annual report and how your report feeds into the University’s quality processes.
  • Information on claiming fees and expenses.

Induction training video

Your feedback is extremely important to the University. Each year you will be asked to provide feedback in a variety of ways which include:

  • Feedback on draft assessment briefs (this is known as verification).
  • Feedback on the marking process (this is known as moderation).
  • Completion of an annual report.

Annual report

Upon receipt, your annual report will be considered by staff within Academic Quality and Enhancement and the relevant School. You will receive a response highlighting any actions which the School, College or University may need to take as a result of your feedback. Your report and feedback is also shared with students. The Academic Quality and Enhancement team produce an annual overview of all reports received by the University.

In addition the University of Central Lancashire appoints an Institutional Examiner to review this report and provide external feedback on the External Examiner system in place.

Submit your report

External Examiners are required to submit their annual report within six weeks of the final boards taking place for the academic session.

The annual fee payment is not automatically generated upon receipt of your report. You must complete a fee/expense claim form (below) each year to receive payment of your fee. The Form should be submitted to Academic Quality and Enhancement upon submission of your annual report to ensure that your fee and expenses are paid promptly.