CVCL student newsletter October 2023

Welcome to CVCL’s (Centre for Volunteering and Community Leadership) first student newsletter for 2023/2024.

First, a little introduction to CVCL for our new students...

Every year, CVCL supports hundreds of students to gain volunteering experience. This helps to:

  • promote health and wellbeing
  • further improve life skills
  • enhance employment prospects

How to work with us

Students can register on an online volunteering portal. You can then search and apply for volunteering opportunities across Lancashire. There are many roles available in things like:

  • admin
  • youth work
  • gardening
  • teaching
  • social media marketing
  • conservation

These roles are based within organisations whose focus may be, for instance:

  • homelessness prevention
  • providing emergency food
  • supporting young people and families
  • promoting health and wellbeing
  • supporting refugee resettlement

Once you start volunteering, log your hours via your account. You’ll then start working towards achieving our Volunteering Awards. We also work in partnership with community organisations. This is to develop or support short-term projects that our students can get involved in. By registering on the portal and following us on social media, you will receive regular updates on all our up and coming community projects.

Do you need to volunteer or find a placement as part of your course? By registering on the volunteering portal, you will have access to organisations who are willing to host UCLan

CVCL staff talking to volunteers.
CVCL staff talking to volunteers.

Why volunteer with us?

Volunteering Awards have been developed by CVCL to recognise the contributions of all our volunteers. It is a thank you for all the work, time and effort you put into volunteering with us and the local community. These Awards are presented by some pretty influential people during our annual celebration event, like the Vice Chancellor. So get volunteering and logging your hours and you could achieve the following:

  • 30 hours = Bronze Award
  • 60 hours = Silver Award
  • 100 hours = Gold Award
  • 300 hours = Platinum Award
  • 500 hours = Vice Chancellors Award of Excellence

And get this, if you do manage to log 100 volunteering hours, you could be eligible for an ILM Recognition Award in Volunteering. So, get volunteering and achieve a free accredited qualification on us!

Global leadership development programme (GLD)

The Global Leadership Development (GLD) programme is taking place during February achievement week. This exciting 3-day learning opportunity helps to fulfil your potential through peer education by helping you to:

  • engage
  • empower
  • enable

Apply now for the GLD Programme

Become an empowering, inspiring and focused leader. The Global Leadership Development (GLD) programme is an exciting 3 day learning opportunity. It helps develop your leadership skills.

This inspiring programme will allow you to develop the four C’s:

  • Creativity
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Confidence

You will also:

  • Receive a certificate of completion.
  • Have had some fantastic experiences.
  • Develop new friendships.
  • Have some great examples for your CV.
  • Be able to train as a GLD programme Facilitator. So that you can empower others with the knowledge and skills that you have acquired.
Apply now for February 2024 Achievement Week. Places are only £30 and are limited.