Secret study spots at Burnley Campus

As a previous BSc Accelerated Medical Sciences student at our Burnley Campus, Abi spent a lot of time looking for the perfect places to study.

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Whether you prefer a loud and bustling environment, or complete silence, there will be a perfect place for you on this list!
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MSc Physician Associate Studies

1. Ground floor of Victoria Mill

As you enter Victoria Mill, take the stairs down and turn left, there are lots of tables down here next to the pool table and they are brilliant if you need to study before a lecture. And if you need a break, you only need to take a couple of steps to enjoy a game of pool!

2. Burnley Library silent study room

This was my best kept secret through my undergraduate degree, I loved this room. It's on the second floor of the Library, right at the back, and often it was just me in there!

You have a lovely view of Burnley, and the room even has its own heating system, meaning you can control the temperature to be perfect for you.

3. Sandygate Halls Study Room

If you stay in Sandygate Halls in Burnley, which I highly recommend as they are lovely, when you walk into the building turn right and there is a room tucked away for studying!

It's very quiet and open to be used for all residents, so do go down there if you get a chance.

4. Tables next to the canal

These can be found as you exit Victoria Mill from the main entrance and turn left (they're next to the bridge.)

This is a perfect place to go for a little scenery while you work! Situated next to the canal, you can watch the ducks swim by and listen to the relaxing sounds of the water flowing while you study. My favourite thing to do when studying here was to bring some bread with me so I could feed the ducks on my breaks!

5. Seats outside of Sandygate Halls

Another of my favourite places is outside on the seats next to both the canal and Sandygate Halls. This is perfect if you don’t have access to Sandygate Halls itself, but you have course mates living there – it’s a perfect place to meet and do some group study outside on a nice sunny day!

These are just some of my favourite spots to work, but with the Burnley campus being so scenic and constantly growing, I know there will be many more for you to find yourselves! Happy studying!