How coming to UCLan was a fresh start for me

Making life changing choices can be daunting, but it has turned out to be the best decision I have made for my future.

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Meet Hafsa

Before attending UCLan I was working in a full-time admin job. I was part of an amazing team and I enjoyed going to work every day. After a few months though, I started to become restless and I realised I needed a new challenge.
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Hafsa Ussene
MSc (Pre-reg) Physiotherapy

I had exhausted all options in this workplace. After confirming there was no opportunity for career progression, I started looking for other jobs.

However, nothing really caught my eye. I branched out a little further which is when I discovered the physiotherapy profession. The more research I did into physiotherapy, the more I was persuaded to apply for the course. It was exactly what I was looking for. It offered career fulfilment; personal and professional development and the profession is highly rewarding.

Physiotherapy students learn hands-on.
Physiotherapy students learn hands-on.

It was a difficult choice because I knew that once I attend university, I would not be receiving a monthly wage. This was huge for me. Without a regular wage I needed to consider how I would pay for my expenses and how much I would be relying on my family whilst I was studying. I took my time weighing up the pros and cons and finally realised that I needed to be willing to make a sacrifice for a better future. This was no easy decision to make - partly because I am very indecisive. But here I am now in my final year of my physiotherapy course.

I was very lucky to receive a place at UCLan. The support network is amazing ranging from staff support, financial support, employment support and academic support. The people I have met along my journey have become my close friends and colleagues. It has been good listening to other people’s experiences and aspirations and knowing I wasn’t alone whilst pursuing my physiotherapy qualification.

Imagining what I wanted my future to look like kept me motivated to keep going. Attending UCLan was a fresh start for me, and I am glad I took that first step.

A final message for those of you who are worried about taking the first step. Yes, it can be daunting at first, not knowing if you have made the right choice, but it will be worth it in the end. I would encourage you to pursue your passions and recommend having a set of goals you are working towards to keep you motivated. I wish you all the best.