Sports Therapy students secure placement at Everton Football Club

Two third year BSc (Hons) Sports Therapy students from the School of Sport and Health Sciences have successfully secured a year-long placement at Everton Football Club for the 2018/19 season.

Ellie Hayes and Ryan Wilkinson were the successful candidates post-interview, and will be the third pairing of Sports Therapy students to be provided with this opportunity.  Placements like these provide opportunities to work within an elite football club and allow students to apply the knowledge and skills learnt in university.

BSc (Hons) Sports Therapy class
BSc (Hons) Sports Therapy class

Dave Rhodes, Course leader for the BSc (Hons) Sports Therapy said:

“We have been developing the placement link with Everton Football Club for the last three years, providing an opportunity for our students to experience an elite sporting environment at a premier league club.  Ellie and Ryan were two of six students interviewed, post the club reviewing numerous applications they had received for the placement.  They will see and learn so much working with the staff at the club for the next year.  It is a fantastic opportunity for them both to develop their skills in all areas of sports therapy practice and the university is very grateful for the opportunity provided by Everton FC.”

Josh Jeffrey, Everton Football Club stated:

 “The placement opportunity we provide at Everton Football Club has evolved over previous seasons and has been designed in a manner that enables the students to practically apply all aspects learnt through

University in an elite environment of professional football. We have had great success with students going into employment within elite level sport following the placement, utilising the experience and knowledge they have gained. We look forward to welcoming Ellie and Ryan to the department for the upcoming season, and to see them develop throughout their time with us into competent and able practitioners ready to go out into the field of Sports Therapy. As a club, we are thankful to the University in the way they have provided support and flexibility for the students in order for them to get as much out of the placement as possible.”

Ellie Hayes said:

“I was thrilled to hear I had been shortlisted for an interview at Everton and to be one of the successful candidates – it’s fantastic! I can’t wait to get started. To have the opportunity to work with an elite academy within their medical team for the season is an incredible privilege and I’ll make sure I grasp it with both hands.”

Ryan Wilkinson commented:

 “UCLan has been amazing at providing such opportune placements such as Everton FC. The University has given me the skills and knowledge needed for me to progress as a Sports Therapist. Everton FC will help and guide me to become the best I can within my field. Thank you to UCLan and Everton FC for giving me this opportunity, I will be looking forward to the year ahead.”

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