Psychology Student Sophie-Jade talks about her time at UCLan

Now in her third year, BSc (Hons) Psychology student Sophie-Jade Woods is enjoying every minute of her time at the University of Central Lancashire.

Choosing what to study at university is a difficult decision, but for Sophie-Jade it was always going to be psychology. “I have a love of studying people and understanding their minds, what makes them do things and why. Psychology is very broad and there is always something in there that sparks your interest”.

And after seeing the BSc (Hons) Psychology course at UCLan, she decided there was no better place to further that interest. “The course offers so many options that allows you to tailor it to what you enjoy. The flexibility in choosing your modules, not just in second and third year but also in first year, is great. It allows you to explore your interests.”

UCLan psychology student Sophie-Jade Woods
UCLan psychology student Sophie-Jade Woods

Since joining, Sophie-Jade hasn’t looked back, being particularly impressed with the quality of the teaching. “The teaching is exceptional, with well-delivered lectures with lots of information about the subject. It is always great to see such passion in lecturers who love their area of expertise in Psychology.”

Sophie-Jade also speaks highly of the support UCLan offers. ”As I am deaf, I use the in-house interpreting support team that is part of ‘Inclusive Support’, and this has been wonderful. UCLan and the Inclusive Support team have never failed to meet my needs and I am always included in my lectures and seminars. As a deaf person, I will always have obstacles in my path, but this will never get in the way of me achieving great things.”

"It is always great to see such passion in lecturers who love their area of expertise in Psychology."

Sophie-Jade Woods, BSc Psychology

Now in her third year now, Sophie-Jade has big plans for further study in the future. “I am hoping to come back and continue my education at UCLan by doing a masters. After that it would be my dream to do a PhD.” And while Sophie is looking at life after graduation, for those just starting university, she offers this advice. “Work hard, but also play hard. It is very important to balance out your education and your social life. Always make sure you have fun too!”