How Shaun Roberts made his University decision

BSc (Hons) Forensic Psychology third year student

Shaun’s decision to come and study at the University of Central Lancashire was an easy one, in his opinion. That’s because of the quality that he saw in the University from the moment he stepped foot on campus during his open day, where he was blown away by the facilities on offer. Now in his third year of studying, he is looking forward to continuing here beyond his undergraduate degree.

“I chose to come to University of Central Lancashire because I felt the university had a lot to offer me,” he commented. “This came from how impressed I was by the staff in the Psychology department and the quality of the course that they ran.

“After being shown around the department I was captivated by the facilities available to the students. They’re of a good quality and the staff constantly look to improve them where possible, so it’s great that the University wants to invest in benefiting the student environment.

“One of the key factors influencing me to choose BSc (Hons) Forensic Psychology was that the MSc Forensic Psychology is a well-regarded course."

Shaun has been really impressed by the enthusiasm that the Psychology lecturers at the University of Central Lancashire show for their course. Coupled with the brilliant opportunities that are on offer to students here, such as taking part in projects among other things, and it creates an environment that really helps to benefit their development.


“The lectures are often engaging mainly down to the fact that we have passionate lecturers who teach what they know and importantly what they are interested,” he stated.

“What further helps is that lecturers are happy to speak to you in their own time and support you if you’re struggling with anything.

“I’ve had the opportunity to take part in a few projects run by staff and students. Some of this has included looking at Evofits to help forward research, while another has been how aware I was with certain parts of my body like heart rate and its sudden change. Memory tasks are always fun and insightful too.”

Of course, university comes with a unique set of challenges, none of which Shaun was immune to. However, the opportunities that come with those difficulties are well worth the struggle in his opinion.

“One of the biggest challenges was mainly learning to be independent,” he admitted. “Trying to make sure I look after myself and enjoy my time at university, plus the important task of staying on top of my work load. This was something that took time but has been a really crucial skill to learn.

“[You should] never say no to any opportunity that comes your way, and also get to know lecturers especially if they research an area of work you are interested in, because they can offer you chances to get involved.”

26 February 2019