Sabha Quadeer talking about her journey into midwifery

BSc (Hons) Midwifery: for Registered Nurses (Adult)

Sabha Quadeer is one of the many registered nurses that was retraining to become a midwife on the BSc (Hons) Midwifery: for Registered Nurses (Adult) course at UCLan.

Talking about her journey into midwifery, Sabha commented: “I chose to study midwifery at UCLan after reading through the course entry programme requirements and student testimonials.  I liked the sound of teaching styles being used on the programme which includes a range of lectures, seminars, clinical skills sessions and independent study.  Also, the opportunity to study abroad sounded like a fantastic and exciting opportunity to witness the midwifery profession overseas.

“Practicing midwifery and getting to where I am now feels like it has been a long time coming. I have known from a young age I want to be a midwife, so this course always felt so right.  Not everyone’s journey into midwifery will be the same, and that’s ok, just like me who chose to become a nurse first. I just never lost focus on my goal and that’s what I believe has got me to where I am.”

Sabha Quadeer
Sabha Quadeer

“I have enjoyed every part of the course so far, both the theory and practice. I have particularly enjoyed the birth centre setting within clinical practice and I will never forget the first time I had the opportunity to deliver a baby.  I am particularly looking forward to the case loading module where we have the opportunity to follow a woman through from the beginning till the end of her pregnancy journey.  This will give me the opportunity as a practitioner to form great bonds and become a support system for the women who I care for.”

The 20-month course is a shortened version of the BSc (Hons) Midwifery course, which takes three years to complete.  The course is designed for Registered Adult Nurses who wish to retrain as a midwife.  If you are considering midwifery at UCLan, Sabha would give you the following advice: “Prepare to be prepared and committed, and to never lose focus on your goals for when things get tough.”

Looking to the future and Sabha is already considering her next moves.  “First I want to finish my course and then I’ll aim to get a midwifery position at my local NHS trust.  Once I’ve got more experience I will look at the opportunities available to me.

“The idea of completing a master’s degree sounds like a daunting but also a very exciting opportunity for future progress as we are the future of midwifery therefore this is a career path, I know I could potentially follow. This course has taught me to be the boss of my learning and to never miss an opportunity to learn every day, I believe this will help me through my masters or whatever career path I chose to follow.”

08 October 2019