MBBS student on the benefits of the programme and life in Preston

Presley, from Malaysia joined our MBBS cohort in 2022 and has plenty of positive stories to share about her experience so far.

"My favourite thing about the course is the integrating style of teaching. I feel that this is extremely helpful for a challenging course like medicine. It is always a pleasure to work with tutors and lecturers who explain questions in greater detail and multiple times with us, even when we do not understand the concept.

"The University of Central Lancashire provides placement for medicine students even in Year 1, which is an insight for our future careers. It is great to have that exposure to patients from an early stage. A critical aspect of our future jobs will be communicating with patients and working with them, so this is a very rewarding experience.

"My message to international students would be you're going to love it here. It is a quiet and cosy city where I can focus on my studies. "

Presley Chai, MBBS student

"I studied a Medicine Foundation Year at Oxford Sixth Form College and learning was mostly passive, so I just listened to what the teachers said in class and memorised everything. Coming to UCLan, I realised how much more enjoyable and fruitful active learning is. I'm currently living in the Urban Hub. It is a newly built private accommodation. There is a gym and study room on-site, so when it's too cold during the winter, I can head down to the shared facilities.

Presley Chai, MBBS student
Presley Chai, MBBS student

"My message to international students would be you're going to love it here. It is a quiet and cosy city where I can focus on my studies. Living near the university is top on the list as we have access to everything we need close by, including groceries, restaurants, and entertainment. Preston is a safe city. Everyone is very friendly, and all the students are welcoming, as well as no discrimination whatsoever. It is a lot safer than big cities such as London and Manchester. Preston would be top of my list if my parents ever wanted to settle down in the UK.

"My favourite thing to do is sing. I sing whenever and wherever and even more so when studying becomes tough. It is my way of de-stressing, and I can say it does wonders. It is important to remember what you like to do and make sure you leave time for the things you love to do most. There is always time to do this at UCLan!"

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    Offering an innovative approach to medical education, we focus on early patient contact - you’ll see patients from the very first term in both community and hospital settings.

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    The University of Central Lancashire welcomes students from Malaysia and has been in partnership with SEGi University since 2018, where a large number of our students have enrolled on a range of top-up degree programmes.

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