Meet Mohammed and Omran

Mohammed and Omran, now in their third year of Civil Engineering studies at UCLan's Preston campus, have cultivated a strong foundation for employability through their academic journey and a transformative year-long placement at Network Rail.

Originally from Greece, Omran's passion for impressive buildings and infrastructure led him to choose civil engineering at the University. Mohammed, with similar engineering interests, found the University’s small class sizes appealing, providing more tailored access to quality teaching and learning.

Embracing the employability-focused ethos at the University, both Mohammed and Omran seized the opportunity for a year-long placement. They aimed high, applying for sought-after positions at Network Rail. Securing these positions was a remarkable achievement, considering the intense competition, making it a significant milestone in their journey toward employability.

Their year-long placements at Network Rail not only enriched their academic understanding but also provided a platform for personal and professional growth, positioning them as highly employable graduates. UCLan's emphasis on practical experiences, combined with strong industry connections, has played a pivotal role in shaping their journey toward successful careers in civil engineering.

Omran and Mohammed stood in the lab.
Omran and Mohammed stood in the lab.

Their placement at Network Rail's national operations center in Milton Keynes provided Omran and Mohammed with a real-world environment to apply their skills. Mohammed was working as a track engineer, looking at the rules and regulations of the rail track and exploring the future of railways, especially their relationship with renewable energy and materials. Omran’s work concerned Geotech, understanding the earth and how the railway reacts to the environment. This experience not only broadened their technical expertise but also enhanced their adaptability and resilience.

Integrated into the Network Rail family, they not only absorbed knowledge but also then actively contributed as STEM ambassadors, inspiring the next generation of engineers by visiting and speaking to school students. This hands-on engagement with young learners demonstrated their commitment to fostering interest and understanding in the field.

Returning to UCLan, Omran and Mohammed are leveraging their placement experiences to enhance their employability. Both have aligned their dissertation projects with their Network Rail work—Omran focusing on Geotech and Mohammed on tracks, specifically concrete sleepers.

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