Discover why Manpreet decided to study MSc Sports Medicine

After completing a Bachelors of Physiotherapy from Maharashtra University of Health Sciences (India), Manpreet chose to study MSc Sports Medicine as it offered a combination of coursework with the necessary hands-on experience.

As an international student on the MSc Sports Medicine programme, I was extremely impressed with the diversity of culture in the UK and how easily approachable everyone was.

Preston is a student friendly city as the cost of living is comparatively cheaper than other major cities in the UK. It has adequate job opportunities for both full-time and part-time options; the weather can be challenging though as it may start to rain at any moment, so having an umbrella or jacket on you is essential.

The railway station and city centre are easily accessible as they are a ten-minute walking distance from the University campus. The railway station has extremely good connectivity with most of the cities which made it feasible for me to travel and explore different parts of UK.

Manpreet Hora, MSc Sports Medicine
Manpreet Hora, MSc Sports Medicine

I chose to stay at the University accommodation which was very convenient as it is very close to campus. There is 24-hour security and students wanting to study till late in the library also have access to the free late bus services. Being a fitness enthusiast, I always enjoyed exercising and playing sports at Sir Tom Finney Sports Centre.

The best part about my course was the support and guidance provided by my course leader Karen Alison May and professors Russell Hitchen and Simon Alford. Being highly knowledgeable and experts in Sports Medicine, they introduced new concepts and taught us the importance of evidence-based practice. As I was an international student, they were available always and took extra efforts or went out of their way at times to help and support me. The staff also arranged for external visitors who are experts in their field to teach us and share their experiences.

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