MA Integrative Psychotherapy student, Laura Jane Ellis details her experience studying at UCLan

Laura decided to study at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) to follow her passion to become an Integrative Psychotherapist. She wanted to gain a deeper level of insight into different modalities other than the person-centred model, which other universities near her local area focused on.

As a counsellor on placement working with children and young people within a school setting and an older person’s domestic abuse caseworker, Laura has been developing her skills and knowledge to inform her work with different communities, enabling her to gain valuable experience.

Laura undertook a mini research project which focused on a specific case study and the statistics relating to suicide ideation and how this can be integrated to inform clinical practice. “This was my first introduction to a collaborative research project, which I found to be fun and informative.”

Laura’s aspiration is to become a trauma-informed psychotherapist, working for the NHS or a non-profit organisation whilst also developing a private practice.

Laura Jane Ellis
Laura Jane Ellis

"I would recommend this course to anyone who wishes to become a qualified practitioner and is wanting to develop their own personal awareness."

Laura Jane Ellis, MA Integrative Psychotherapy student

She added: “I have a wider skills-set to work with different clinical presentations, and to think reflectively, as well as being a reflexive practitioner. Being around peers and having tutors that challenge my way of thinking and being has been invaluable, as I believe I have become more robust as a person. Furthermore, the course has spurred me on to learn more post-qualification as it is such a rich and complex subject matter.”

Laura enjoyed the way that the course covered subjects and themes in interesting and creative ways which enabled her to develop her capacity as a critical thinker; “Ultimately, I found it fun and transformative as it was one of the most valuable experiences of my life.”

During this course, Laura was able to work in a personal development group, where she explored and challenged others in a safe and contained environment. This allowed her to decipher group dynamics in a candid and respectful way. “I also enjoyed the tutor’s input, as I felt held, supported and inspired by their knowledge and ways of being that I will carry with me on a personal level and throughout my career.

Overall, Laura found being part of a learning community helpful and the support of peers and staff invaluable.