Integrative Psychotherapy student, Katherine, reflects on her experience studying

Katherine has always wanted to become a psychotherapist and applied to study at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) as it was close to her children’s school and offered an interesting course in integrative psychotherapy.

“I really enjoyed all the teaching and found it so fascinating. I also loved meeting so many like-minded people and learning in an experiential way,” explained Katherine.

Using the support of Propellor (a business support service available to budding entrepreneurs at UCLan), Katherine has been able to start the journey to setting up her own private practice as an integrative psychotherapist. Propellor has offered Katherine invaluable support with administrative duties which is allowing her to build her practice and become self-employed.

Katherine Whitfield
Katherine Whitfield

"I intend to use the knowledge and skills gained in this course to continue working with people in a therapeutic setting and in my own private practice."

Although Katherine has found studying to be challenging at times, she has learnt a lot about herself, enjoyed the course and gained a huge sense of pride and accomplishment.

“I have learnt so much about myself and about other people, understanding how our experiences and expectations may affect how we see ourselves, our choices and our relationships.

It was hard work and it really stretched me academically and emotionally. It is one of the greatest achievements of my life.“