Guancheng shares their international student experience

BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science student Guancheng says studying at UCLan is an exciting and challenging experience and urges other students to embrace this offering.

"As a Chinese student, learning a science degree in English is as challenging as it is exciting. Living in a completely new environment enhanced this experience too. For me, the most useful and memorable part of the course was the practical sessions as they gave me the opportunity to practice what I had learnt in real-world scenarios. All the tutors and professors at UCLan are kind and patient and are committed to helping students achieve their full potential.

"Preston is a classical British city and I really enjoy the experience which a smaller city offers"

Guancheng Wu, BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science student
Biomedical Science student Guancheng Wu
Biomedical Science student Guancheng Wu

"Preston is classical British city and I really enjoy the experience which a ‘smaller’ city offers. In my spare time, I have visited Chinatown in Manchester to get food which reminds me of home. The weather here is not really like my hometown, it’s colder in winter and hotter in summer, but it’s a pleasure to have such a experience and embrace new climates.

"My advice to new international students coming to UCLan is to embrace the experience and put lots of effort into learning and living in a new country – you will be rewarded with a fantastic learning and social experience."