Canadian student Achint on the MBBS programme and life in Preston

Achint joined UCLan in September 2018 and shares his experience below.

"UCLan is a very welcoming and supportive place for international students. The School of Medicine itself takes a modern approach to teaching and listening to students.

"My tutors and professors have been essential in shaping my clinical practice and developing my leadership capabilities. The most enjoyable part of the course has been serving patients and applying my knowledge to the best of my ability. The placements can be challenging, as they require you to take initiative and set learning goals. For driven individuals, they are a great opportunity to gain experience and develop core competencies. The main difference between my previous education and British education is the greater emphasis on applied learning through placements.

"I love living in Preston as it is a compact and well-connected city with a low cost of living. There are plenty of restaurant options catering to various dietary needs. During my time at UCLan, I have had the chance to visit other parts of the UK including Manchester, Liverpool, the Lake District, London, and other major cities. I feel Preston is a safe place to live, I’ve been around late at night and have not had any issues. I’m not a fan of the rain, but I appreciate the mild climate in comparison to other parts of the world. In my spare time, I go to the gym and spend time with friends at Avenham Park.

Achint Bajpai
Achint Bajpai

"I love living in Preston as it is a compact and well-connected city with a low cost of living."

Achint Bajpai, MBBS

"I instantly felt at home here thanks to the welcome events during fresher’s week. Visiting the stands hosted by various societies and meeting people from around the world made me feel at ease about moving to this new country. The gym has modern equipment, and the staff are more than willing to help new students and the membership is completely free. It’s been a privilege to work as a student ambassador during my studies. This work involves promoting the University to external audiences and some of my favourite experiences have involved delivering campus tours to prospective students and their families.

"I would advise international students that the experience can be a challenge, but this experience will significantly shape who you become in the end. Take advantage of the opportunity to make new friends and develop versatility. The more you take the initiative, the more you will get from your time here.