How Elite Coaching Practice graduate used his degree to become Head Coach in Basketball

Troy chose to study a PG Dip Elite Coaching Practice and MSc Elite Coaching Practice Top-Up at the UCLan due to the affiliation with the governing body, which provided a path to achieve a Level 4 coaching qualification. He then went on to study a PGCE Education and Training.

Troy Culley began his journey of basketball coaching in 2006, where he completed a Level 1 coaching course at the age of 15. This marked the onset of a career where basketball opened up numerous opportunities. Troy has coached at almost every level within the UK, ranging from roles as Assistant Coach to Head Coach at national, regional, and club levels.

Talking about his time at UCLan, Troy said: “My time at UCLan was transformative for my coaching journey, marking one of the first instances where I was genuinely challenged, taken out of my comfort zone, and prompted to critically evaluate my coaching methods.” He further adds that UCLan left a “lasting approach”, not only based off the people he met whilst there, but the “personalized approach that the University adopts in their courses, which made the entire experience stand out and be deeply enjoyable.”

Since graduating Troy has achieved many great things, one of which working as the Head Coach for the Great Britain Under 16 Men’s National Team, leading the team in two consecutive European Championships. Troy was named the NBL Division 3 North Coach of the Year in 2020, a year in which he, alongside fellow UCLan alumnus, Neal Hopkins, became the first British team to secure the European Youth Basketball League Regular season.

"Basketball has not just been a job for me; it's been a passion that I've been fortunate enough to immerse myself in daily. This combination of hands-on coaching experience and academic achievements has shaped my journey to my current position."

Troy Culley, MSc Elite Coaching Practice

Beyond his coaching roles, he is deeply proud of his involvement in coach developer work where he collaborated with Basketball England on Female Leadership Performance, as well as contributing to various programs with UK Coaching, leading him to work across a diverse range of sports.

Troy encourages future Elite Coaching Practice students to “stay curious, be open to new ideas, and have the courage to test them out in practice. And crucially, never cease to question and introspect: "Why am I doing this?" This self-awareness, combined with a thirst for knowledge, will be instrumental in your growth and success.”

 MSc Elite Coaching Practice Alumnus Troy Culley
MSc Elite Coaching Practice Alumnus Troy Culley