Neuroscience alumni Matthew Plummer tells us his experience

The University of Central Lancashire Neuroscience graduate, Matthew Plummer, has furthered his specialist studies in cognitive psychology as a PhD candidate and associate lecturer at the University of Kent.

Matthew received a high grade for his A Level Psychology and wanted to pursue this field as part of his university studies, with specific interest in biological psychology and neuroscience. The Neuroscience degree course at the University of Central Lancashire offered a mix of psychology and biology modules and Matthew was convinced that the course was the right fit for him. The course design and enthusiasm from the lecturers inspired Matthew to take up a career in research and academia.

Following graduation in 2015, Matthew enrolled at the University of Kent to study for a master’s course in Cognitive Psychology. After completing postgraduate study, he secured funding to do a PhD in the same subject at the university.

Currently, Matthew is a PhD student and associate lecturer at the University of Kent, where he is completing his PhD thesis on the topic of face memory updating. Matthew has presented his research at seven national and international conferences. He also teaches on the second-year undergraduate statistics module, demonstrating to students how to conduct research and statistics.

Matthew Plummer
Matthew Plummer

Looking back on his time at the University of Central Lancashire, Matthew reflected: “My lasting memories of UCLan will always be of the funny, happy times with friends on the course, and the supportive nature of the school to help you develop from a student to a graduate.”

Matthew added: “If it wasn't for my time and experience at the University of Central Lancashire, such as the internship scheme and getting to travel to America for a conference, and my time at the Cyprus campus, I would not be prepared to have taken on my masters and PhD. 

"The University of Central Lancashire does not only offer a degree, it offers the extra opportunities and experience that, in an increasingly competitive job market, makes you stand out from the rest."

Matthew Plummer

When asked what advice he would give to students and graduates wanting to follow a similar career path, Matthew said: “My advice to graduates looking to do a PhD is to prepare yourself for a difficult journey, a PhD is tough but incredibly rewarding. You also need to work hard, as hard work always pays off. My advice to those thinking of taking up studying is to make sure that you choose a course that you are interested in. When the course challenges you, the one thing that will help you through is your passion for the subject.”