Mathematics graduate shares his journey from student to engineer

Since graduating from the University of Central Lancashire with a degree in Mathematics, Dominic Ellis has gone on to establish a career for himself in the engineering sector.

It was no surprise to Dominic that he would find himself working in engineering. When reflecting on the role mathematics has played in his life, he said: “Since I was very young, I was always talented in Mathematics. As I grew older, this gift grew until Mathematics was my strongest A-Level subject. This continued through to picking my university options, where I decided Mathematics was the course for me.”

But the path to where Dominic finds himself today wasn’t without its hurdles. He said: “After I received my A-Level results, I was originally quite disappointed as I had underperformed”. Not to be deterred, Dominic applied to UCLan through Clearing, and was accepted on to the BSc (Hons) Mathematics course, a decision that would serve as his motivation to succeed. Dominic said: “I never forgot the trust UCLan put in me, and I was determined to repay that trust”.

Dominic recalled many happy memories of his time here, noting that the people, both staff and students, helped make the experience such a positive one. He said: “From all the memories, I believe the ones that are most prominent are those of the people at the University. Especially in my mind is the time with my fellow students, as well as the support and classes the lecturers gave us.”

"I never forgot the trust UCLan put in me, and I was determined to repay that trust."

Dominic Ellis, BSc (Hons) Mathematics

Now, as a UCLan alumnus, Dominic works as a Systems Applications Engineer at Finnish technology company, Valmet, a role that involves working on the distributed control system, maintaining a variety of sites to ensure the automation systems run in a healthy manner. He has also achieved Chartered Engineering status, a professional qualification well respected in the sector.

While this, alongside working on international projects in Vietnam, Brazil and Argentina, may seem a long way from his hometown of St Helens, Dominic cites his northern routes as being a key influence. He said: “I’m originally from St Helens, where glassworks and engineering were the main employer. My dad worked in the industry his entire career. Together these points really moulded the way I looked at my future career”.

Looking back on his journey in its entirety, Dominic provided these words of advice: “If you haven’t completed a task before or have the potential to try a new activity, go for it with open arms as it may prove useful in your future career.”

Dominic Ellis
Dominic Ellis