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Phoebe Sayell

School of Arts and Media

Phoebe teaches across all year groups and modules on the BA(Hons) Textiles Design course. With particular specialism's in creative thinking and colour theory. She is keen for all students to use creative thinking as a design tool and to broaden all aspects of their creative and personal practise. Phoebe has also taught on the MA Surface pattern programme specialising in collections and creativity.

Phoebe is currently the Course Leader for BA(Hons) Textile Design. She enjoys all elements of Textiles practise with a keen eye on colour, continuous line drawing, collections and a sense of memory and place. She has curated multiple exhibitions on the theme of collections under the title Bowerbird, having the students collect objects like the Australian bird collects mementos to adorn its nest. This cathartic and creative task builds awareness of the world around them and show how the most simple of object can be used as a starting point for a project. Phoebe hopes to build on this research while studying for a PHD.

Phoebe studied both her degree and postgraduate studies at the University of Central Lancashire. Before becoming a new product developer in a well known food manufacturer she specialised in designing bakery good and their packaging. Once returning to UCLan Phoebe has done a number of in-house and external exhibitions looking into collections , their purpose , creative appeal and aesthetic nature. She is hoping to broaden this project when traveling over to Tashkent to do the project with one of our international partners.