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photo of Paul Batchelor

Professor Paul Batchelor

Honorary Clinical Professor
School of Medicine

Paul is involved in a number of health policy areas covering care delivery. He has particular expertise in designing delivery arrangements and has acted as an advisor to a number of Governments on dental care reform and integration of delivery arrangements.

Paul has published numerous papers on care reform and tackling health inequalities. He has been responsible for developing standards of care in dentistry for patients with dementia ( and sits on the editorial boards of leading dental journals. He is also Chair of the College of General Dentistry's fellowship assessment group. Currently he is leading the evaluation of the Complete Care Community programme exploring how health inequalities can be addressed through collaboration.

Paul has acted as an Advisor to Department of Health and Children, Ireland on a number of occasions most recently on their dental reform programme. Previous work has seen him help develop the probity arrangements in Ireland and subsequently has provided advice to a number of other countries on the issues. He has worked with on Dental Contract Reform Group supporting the British Dental Association, the Dental Lead Primary Care Home Model Technical Group, National Association of Primary Care and appointed as an Associate for the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare, where he has acted as Chair of the Dental Sustainability Group, since 2017.
He has sat on a number of NICE committees, acted as an advisor to the Health Committee on their dental contract review, and undertaken the research work to support the former Clinical Standards Advisory Group on general anaesthesia in dentistry. He has also worked for the National Audit Office, Consumers Association and the former Dental Vocational Training Authority
He currently sits on the Advisory Board Institute of Health and Social Care Management, is Chief Facilitator for Fellowship in General Dental Practice of the College of General Dentistry, Vice Chair of the Intercollegiate Specialist Fellowship Examination in Dental Public Health, October 2014- and also acts as an examiner for the Overseas Registration Examination, Royal College of Surgeons (England).
His present work centres on Evaluation Lead Complete Care Community programme.