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Dr Johanne Petrecz

Lecturer in Medical Sciences (Anatomy)
School of Medicine

Johanne teaches anatomy in the School of Medicine. Johanne is a medically trained doctor (F2), Teaching Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and has recently completed PG Certs in Education and Medical Education.

With a medical background, Johanne is passionate about creating and delivering teaching materials that emphasise the clinically relevant aspects of anatomy to her pre-clinical medical and physician associate (PA) students.

Johanne attained her medical degree (with a 1st class intercalated degree in Psychology) at the University of Manchester in 2013. She went on to complete her Foundation training in the North West of England. Johanne joined the University of Central Lancashire in 2017 as a Medical Demonstrator. She subsequently taught a range of subjects (communication skills, professionalism, clinical skills and anatomy) before securing a full-time lectureship in Anatomy in 2019. As a lecturer, Johanne has had the opportunity to attend a range of medical education conferences. She recently presented an educational academic poster at the Winter British Association for Clinical Anatomists (BACA) conference. Johanne has obtained a PG Cert in Education, and a PG Cert in Medical Education. As such, she is a Teaching Fellow of Higher Education Academy.