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Dr Jim Gillies

Lecturer in Pharmaceutical Sciences
School of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences

Jim teaches across a range of subjects for the School of Pharmacy. With particular expertise in Mathematics and Chemistry.

Jim has published widely in journals ranging from the Journal of Physics D, to the Journal of Nuclear Medicine and the Journal of Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry.

Jim studied for a PhD in Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry and Nanotechnology at Imperial College where he developed and patented a number of radioanalytical devices. Jim’s first postdoctoral position was in the Bioelectronics Research Group at Glasgow University, where he worked on “Lab on a chip” devices for chemical analysis. Jim also spent five years working as a senior post-doctoral fellow with Cancer Research UK, at the Paterson Institute in Manchester. Here he was responsible for the design and development of a number of radiopharmaceuticals for cancer imaging and diagnosis, as well as the development of “Lab on a chip” devices and quantum dot technology for cancer imaging and diagnosis. Jim has also spent a number years working in an industrial setting for companies such as Invitrogen and Nanoco. Jim’s industrial research has included working on the development of water soluble quantum dots designed for a number of biological applications