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Dr Jennifer Readman

Senior Lecturer in Materials Chemistry, Course Leader for BSc(Hons) and MChem Chemistry
School of Natural Sciences

Jennifer's background is in solid state inorganic chemistry and she teaches various aspects of inorganic and physical chemistry on the undergraduate and postgraduate degrees programmes. Her research is based predominately into microporous materials, such as zeolites, metal substituted silicates. She is interested in all aspects of their chemistry such as their synthesis, structure and uses.

Jennifer teaching many different aspects of inorganic and physical chemistry across all year of the undergraduate chemistry programmes. Topics include Structure & Bonding in inorganic chemistry. X-ray diffraction, Chemistry of the s and p block elements, Introductory d-block chemistry, Advanced structural techniques, Group theory and Advanced Materials Chemistry. She is the Course Leader for the undergraduate BSc(Hons) and MChem Chemistry programmes. Research interests lie in the area of solid state chemistry and particularly in the relationship between the structure of a material and it’s properties. Main interests lie in materials such as zeolites, metal-organic frameworks and metal silicates, and also techniques such as powder X-ray diffraction in the laboratory and at synchrotron sources such as the Diamond Light Source. These materials have applications in industry, predominately in the treatment of nuclear and pharmaceutical waste. Dr Readman is also interested in diffuse scattering, electron microscopy, X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy and solid state NMR.

Dr Readman was awarded a Bachelors degree in chemistry from the University of Oxford and then went on to study for a PhD at the University of Birmingham under the supervision of Dr. Paul Anderson. The PhD work involved the use of zeolite frameworks to acts as host for metal and metal oxide nanoparticles. Postdoctoral work was carried out at the State University of New York at Stony Brook where the project involved using 17-O solid state NMR to study zeolites. Followed by SINTEF in Oslo, Norway where the research project investigated carbon dioxide absorbents for use in the clean fuel production. After returning to the UK Dr Readman returned to the University of Birmingham working on a joint chemistry/biochemistry project with Dr. Joe Hriljac and Prof. Lynne Macaskie investigating synthetic and bio-manufactured layered phosphates for the remediation of nuclear waste. Before coming to work at UCLan, Dr Readman worked at Durham University under the supervision of Prof. John Evans working on negative thermal expansion materials.