Priority 1: Student opportunity and success

Our main priority must be, as always, the success of our students. We’ll enable them to seize every opportunity to flourish in education, at work, and for life.

To achieve this, we’ll focus on:

  • Retention, ensuring we have the mechanisms and structures in place to support every single student to progress and complete their studies successfully, irrespective of their background and circumstances.
  • Attainment to make sure our attainment and the percentage of good degrees is in line with our competitors. Our approach to assessment and academic support, means every student will have the opportunity to achieve their full potential.
  • Graduate Outcomes by supporting our students to secure a rewarding career in skilled employment, study further, or establish their own successful businesses. Our students will gain the real-world experience employers need, making our talented graduates highly sought-after across the world.
  • Second-to-none support with an effective, whole-university approach, maintaining a consistent and joined-up support network, with an emphasis on early intervention.
  • Access and participation, becoming recognised as the exemplary, inclusive, university of opportunity that we are. We’ll be even more supportive, celebrating diversity so our students benefit from a vibrant learning community and sense of belonging.
  • Student voice and experience by listening and responding effectively to every single student. This includes maintaining appropriate channels of informal and formal feedback and responding to all feedback in a timely manner. We’ll also establish dashboards to draw out major themes and help us plan for future needs.

Key performance indicators

  • Percentage of graduates in highly skilled employment or further study
  • Non-continuation of entrants
  • Value added score