Summer Camp USA

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Want to do something exciting this summer? Dive into an unique blend of work, travel, and unforgettable experiences with Summer Camps USA.

  • Earn money

    You'll earn a minimum $2,000 USD salary, plus meals and accommodation are included at camp.
  • Live abroad

    Spend your summer overseas with new friends. Get paid to do what you love, from coaching tennis to teaching crafts.
  • Make a difference

    You'll get the chance to work with young people, helping them find their passion through a series of engaging activities.

What's included?

  • Summer camp placement
  • Sponsorship to work in the USA
  • Minimum USD $2,000 salary
  • Visa and embassy support
  • US medical insurance
  • Dedicated team the whole way

What is Summer Camp USA?

When you work at a Summer Camp in the USA, you'll spend nine weeks between June to August working in America - with 30 days to yourself after working at the camp to travel.

You'll get the chance to work as a camp counselor, support staff, or activity specialist in in a  number of summer camps across America.  Summer camps offer a range of activities such as sports, arts and crafts, music, drama, and outdoor adventures. The main purpose of these camps is to provide a fun and educational experience for children and teenagers during their summer vacation.

You'll get to work with American campers, gain valuable skills in leadership, teamwork, and communication, and immerse yourself in American culture

Have questions about Summer Camp USA?

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