Dr Roxanne Khan

Dr. Roxanne Khan

Senior Lecturer and Course Leader for BSc (Hons) Forensic Psychology; Director of HARM (Honour Abuse Research Matrix)

School of Psychology

Darwin Building, DB221

+44 (0) 1772 89 5175


Subject Areas: Psychology

Dr Roxanne Khan is Director of HARM (Honour Abuse Research Matrix), in partnership with the Criminal Justice Partnership (Violence and Aggression) at UCLan.

As a Chartered Psychologist and Research Scientist, Dr. Khan authors books, chapters, journal articles, and conference presentations for international audiences. As an aggression researcher, she maintains a long-standing interest in many aspects of family and community violence (e.g., honour abuse and killings; sibling assaults; domestic violence; sexual coercion and exploitation).

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Full Profile

  • PgCert, Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (UCLan), 2009
  • PhD, Psychology (Glasgow Caledonian University), 2005
  • MSc, Forensic (Legal and Criminological) Psychology (Glasgow Caledonian University), 2000
  • BSc (Hons), Psychology and Sociology with Applied Social Policy (QM University College, Edinburgh), 1999
Professional Memberships

Appointments, Professional Training & Membership

  • Senior Lecturer in Forensic Psychology, UCLan (2012-present)
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Authority (HEA) (2009-present)
  • Forensic Psychologist Trainee: Ashworth High Security Hospital, Mersey, NHS (2008-2010)
  • Chartered Scientist & Associate Fellow, British Psychological Society (2007-present)
  • Chartered Psychologist, British Psychological Society (2006-present).
  • Lecturer in Forensic Psychology, UCLan (2005—2012).

Editorial Responsibility

  • Guest Editor: Journal of Aggression, Conflict & Peace: Special Edition, ‘Honor’ Killing, Violence & Abuse (2017-2018)
  • Sub-Editor (Psychology and Policing): Forensic Update. (2006-2012)  

Dr Khan is Director of HARM (Honour Abuse Research Matrix), in partnership with the Criminal Justice Partnership (Violence and Aggression) at UCLan.

Representative  Research Grants

  • Khan, R. ‘Honor’ based violence: the experience of south Asian in England. (status: not funded, $31,805). Harry Guggenheim Foundation. August, 2017.
  • Graham-Kevan, N., Lowe, M., & Willan, V. J. & Khan, R., ‘Assessing vulnerable victims’ (status: awarded €280,590 by EU Commission, Directorate-General-Justice). January, 2013.
  • Khan, R., Uttley-Evans, S., & Zia, M. Improving institutional responses to Honour-Based Violence in the UK. (status: not funded, £44,000). Nuffield foundation: Children and Families Grant. July, 2012.
  • Khan, R. 'Honour Violence: Sororicidal threats and incidents of brother-to-sister violence in 2nd and 3rd generation Scottish immigrants’ (status: awarded: £2,000 by Department of Psychology, Glasgow Caledonian University). May, 2004


Khan, R., Saleem, S., & Lowe, M. (2018). ‘Honour’-based violence in a British South Asian community. Safer Communities, 17(1), 11-21

Khan, R. (2018). Attitudes towards ‘honour’ violence and killings in collectivist cultures: Gender differences Middle Eastern, North African, South Asian (MENASA) and Turkish populations. In J. L. Ireland, P, Birch, & C. A. Ireland (Eds.), International Handbook in Aggression: Current Issues and Perspectives, Chapter 6, (pp. 216-226). London: Routledge.

Khan, R., Hall, B. & Lowe, M. (2017).  Honour’ abuse: the experience of South Asians who identify as LGBT in North West England. Summary report prepared for Lancashire Constabulary, HARM (Honour Abuse Research Matrix), UK.

Khan, R. (2017). Sibling violence: Validating a two-factor model of severity in nonoffender populations. Psychology of Violence, 7(4), 498-507.

Khan, R., Kim, S., Brewer, G., & Centifanti, L. (2017). Students, sex, and psychopathy: Borderline and psychopathy personality traits are differently related to women and men's use of sexual coercion, partner poaching, and promiscuity. Personality and Individual Differences, 107, 72-77.

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Research Groups: Director of HARM (Honour Abuse Research Matrix)


PhD and Masters by Research Supervision ** denotes Director of Studies

  • Ioan Ohlsson, PhD, 2015 (aggressive motivation in offenders)
  • Natalie Harrison, PhD, 2017 (sibling aggression)
  • Hamza Naseer, MPhil, 2018 (honour based abuse)**
  • Kirsty Alderson, PhD,  2013-ongoing (sexual exploitation in young people)
  • Daniel Carter, PhD, 2017-ongoing (sexual aggression in rugby players)**
  • Amy Roberts, PhD, 2017- ongoing (sexual exploitation)
  • Bernadette Wilson, MRes, 2017-ongoing (IPV, social media and Dark Triad) **
  • Thomas Nally,  MPhil, 2018-ongoing (IPV victim safety strategies)

Research Project Supervision

  • BSc Forensic Psychology
  • MSc Forensic Psychology

External Activities

Dr. Roxanne Khan has worked with forensic clients and patients (including mentally disordered offenders) within the community, prison settings, and high-security hospitals. She has delivered both individual therapy and group-based psychological interventions ,  as well as individually-tailored interventions to increase awareness of sexual offending for non-offending parents (whose children who are made subject to a child protection order due to sexual abuse).

Forensic Professional Training

  • Trained in delivering Life Minus Violence treatment programme (2007)
  • Trained in domestic violence risk assessment using the SARA (2004)

Teaching activities and responsibilities

Course Leader

  • BSc (Hons) Forensic Psychology

Module Leader

  • Forensic Psychology: Introduction (core year 2)
  • Forensic Psychology: Violent and Sexual Offending (core year 3)
  • MSc Advanced Forensic Psychology (Conversion)