Javad Yaldani

Dr. Javad Yazdani

Senior Lecturer

School of Engineering

Computer and Technology Building, CM138

+44 (0) 1772 89 2685

Javad Yazdani is a Senior Lecturer in Nuclear Engineering, and has extensive expertise in Powerline and Smart Grid Technology, Digital Communication Systems and Mechatronics Engineering "nuclear related applications". He is the academic lead for the Smart Grid Technology and Powerline "applications and communications" Research at UCLan.

Javad is actively involved in nuclear research and is a member of UCLan Nuclear.

Full Profile

Javad began his career in Marine Engineering with British Petroleum (BP) after a number of years sea-going experience which enabled him to rise through ranks to Chief Engineer Officer Status. Javad joined National Nuclear Corporation (NNC) as a Mechanical/Electrical Commissioning Engineer working at Heysham II Nuclear Power Station. Javad's previous experience includes Rolls Royce Nuclear Engineering where he was seconded to work for British Energy at Heysham II Nuclear Power Station, British Nuclear Fuel Limited (BNFL) at Sellafield’s “Thermal Oxide Reprocessing Plant” (THORP) and on “Magnox Encapsulation Plant” (EP1) and Filtration plants, as well as Heysham I Nuclear Power Station commissioning “Vertical Fuel Built Facility”.

Javad completed his formal education at Lancaster University. He was awarded a PhD in Digital Communications Systems researching in “High Frequency Digital Power Line Transmission for Terrestrial and Marine Networks”, MSc in Digital Signal Processing and its Applications and BEng and MEng Honours degrees in Mechatronics Engineering.

Currently, Javad is leading the Powerline Research Group that began at Lancaster University in 1995, his niche research area is well known internationally for the excellence of his research and he has presented his research findings at international conferences all over the world and published papers in peer reviewed journals. The focus of his work is in Smart Grid technologies as well as Power Line Application to Nuclear Decommissioning related scenarios. The nature of his research is applied and serves as an effective catalyst to synergise the UCLan Westlake’s Campus at the Science and Technology Park in West Cumbria with industrial companies.

He is playing a pivotal role as the Director of MSc by Research developing postgraduate provisions in the development of John Tyndall Nuclear Research Institute and realization Centre of Excellence "UCLan Nuclear" under the banner of School of Computing, Engineering and Physical Sciences at the University of Central Lancashire. Since he joined UCLan in 2009 he has developed a research group which comprises of academic members of staff and MSc/PhD students working in well equipped laboratories in Preston Campus.

Javad’s academic career began at Lancaster University and the Lancaster University Centre at Blackburn College formally the East Lancashire Institute for Higher Education, working as a group Programme Leader and Senior Lecturer successfully developed and extensively contributed and delivered a range of courses at BEng Hybrid Semester Delivery (HSD) and Intensive Modular Delivery (IMD) provisions. BEng/BSc at (Honours) Engineering and Computing degrees were validated by Lancaster University and accredited by the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) for the School of Science and Technology. Javad has successfully helped to franchise these programmes at the Barrow and Furness College as well as the Lakes College in West Cumbria. Javad's recent contributions are suite of innovative courses at Masters and Bachelors levels as well as Continuing Personal/Professional Development (CPD) involving local industries.



Yazdani, J. Holden, T. Francis, J. Advanced Vehicular Sensor System, International Congress on Ultra Modern Telecommunications and Control Systems and Workshops (ICUMT), 2010 pages 994 - 997, Moscow, ISBN: 978-1-4244-7285-7,18-20 Oct. 2010.

J.Yazdani, T.Holden, J. Francis, Advanced Vehicular Sensor System, Hybrid Powerline and Wireless Vehicle Security System, ASNC 2010, The First IEEE International Workshop on Advanced Sensing, Networking and Control

T. Holden and J.Yazdani, Hybrid Powerline and Wireless Vehicle Security System, Fourth IEEE Workshop on Powerline Communications & its Applications in Networking and Smart Grid, Boppard, Germany, September 22 - 24, 2010

M. Ullah, E. Ahmed, I.U. Hassan, J Yazdani and W Ahmed, Controlling properties of micro crystalline diamond films using oxygen in a hot filament chemical vapors deposition system, Department of Physics, Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan, 60800, Pakistan, Dhofar University, Department of Science and Mathematics,Salalah, Oman, Nanomedicine and Nanoengineering Research Group, Institute of Nanotechnology and Bioengineering & Tyndell Institute, University of Central Lancashire, Preston PR1 2HE, United Kingdom, 2010.

Javad Yazdani, Trevor Holden, Developing a Cryptographic Wireless Immobiliser System for a vehicle, IEEE, 2nd. International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) Wireless Days 2009, Paris, December 15 - 17, 2009.

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PhD Digital Communications Systems, Lancaster University

MSc Digital Signal Processing and its Applications, Lancaster University

BEng/MEng Honours Mechatronics Engineering, Lancaster University

PGCE Post Graduate Certificate in Education

Marine Engineer Officer, Chief Engineer Combined Steam and Motor Certificate


Member, IEEE

Member, IET

Fellow of Institute for Learning (FifL)

Research Interests

Sustainability and Nuclear Engineering

Application of Power Line to Decommissioning Scenarios

Application of Power Line to Intelligent Traffic Train Automation

Reactor Safety and Reliability



Nuclear Decommissioning

Sustainable Wind and Solar Energy

Nuclear Safety and Reliability

Power Line Channel Modelling and Networking

Application of Power Line to Hybrid Intelligent Road Lighting System

Application of Power Line to Marine Engineering Environment

Teaching Activities and Responsibilities

Digital Communication & Synchronization Techniques and Information Theory and Coding

Digital Signal Processing: Theory and Applications

Engineering Mathematics and Applications

Post graduate courses for Nuclear Safety, Reliability,

Professional Issues and Project Management in engineering environment

Energy Resources and Renewable Energy

Engineering Material and Sustainability

Communication Engineering, Analogue, Space and Satellite communication

Radio frequency (RF), Mobile Communication, Digital Multimedia, Computer Communication

Electronics Circuits engineering applications, Power Electronics