Psychological Support Hub

School of Psychology & Humanities

A support service for those unable to access EMDR (trauma therapy) through usual routes.

We offer a free online Psychological Support Hub for those unable to access EMDR through the usual routes, namely those having exhausted efforts to acquire this through the NHS and who cannot afford to pay for this privately (i.e. are on benefits/unemployed). The service operates using video conferencing, where you can speak to a member of the support hub team. There are two parts to what the Psychological Support Hub can potentially offer.

Structure of support

Tier 1: Maximising your resources

This level of support will include four individual video-conference sessions, each lasting around one hour. The support team member will explore some relaxation techniques with you, ways to enhance coping, suggestions for improving sleep patterns (if relevant) and using what resources you already have. The last session will be a review where you can feedback on what you have found helpful and recap on anything that has been covered. The sessions are weekly, to allow for some practice and reflection on anything that has been explored.

Further information

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