A Synchronised Azure Kinect-based tracking system for the biomechanical Evaluation of Labour (SKEL)

Research in Childbirth and Health Unit (REACH)

SKEL is a highly innovative and transdisciplinary project, that uses gaming-based technologies and techniques, to track, record and analyse human body movements during labour


Childbirth is a multifactorial, complex procedure that involves a dynamic dyadic interaction between the mother and the baby. Complications of labour and delivery can pose life-threatening situations to both mother and child. Each year, complications from pregnancy and childbirth result in about 295,000 maternal deaths, while 1.2 million babies die during labour. In addition, it is reported that following delivery, 7 million women have serious long-term problems and 50 million have negative health outcomes. Thus, it is more than vital to gain a deeper understanding of childbirth and promote maternal and neonatal health and wellbeing.

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Biomechanical data

Example of biomechanical data (linear and angular quantities) as extracted from the 3D skeleton.

Woman in a labouring position

3D human pose generated by data obtained from depth-camera video sequences from the motion capture platform consisting of three Azure DK units and a commercially available software.