Understanding the transition pathway for ex-Service personnel discharged due to physical challenge

21 March 2019

UCLan and University of Salford awarded funding from Forces in Mind Trust

The Forces in Mind Trust has awarded £149,625 to the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan), in partnership with the University of Salford, to undertake a two-year research project to understand the transition to civilian life for ex-Service personnel with physical conditions as a direct result of Service.

The research will identify the support and provisions that are available during transition for ex-Service personnel with service-related physical conditions, or physical conditions acquired whilst serving, and offer suggestions on what further, or better, support could be offered.

Project research will comprise an extensive review of relevant literature and existing data, consultation with policy and practice stakeholders, and a qualitative study with a cohort of medically discharged Service personnel.

Ray Lock, Chief Executive, Forces in Mind Trust, said: “There is a lack of robust evidence surrounding the transition of ex-Service personnel discharged due to physical injury acquired during service.

“We have commissioned the study to ensure that the needs of this particular cohort, and of their families, are met and that we ensure their future successful and sustainable transitions. By commissioning the work in response to our analysis of where knowledge and evidence are lacking, we are putting into practice the more proactive approach our ‘Third Age’ initiative heralds.”

Dr Celia Hynes, Lead Researcher from UCLan, said: “We are delighted to have been selected to undertake this much needed piece of research and as a research team we look forward to providing evidence that will inform future practice.”