UCLan supports North West bra company

3 October 2016

Academics support new innovative bra.

Academics at The University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) have provided Academic validation on the health benefits of Optifit’s innovative new bra.

Oldham-based bra company Optifit, has had its claims that their new bra design promotes a balanced posture and fits better than traditional bras confirmed by UCLan Scientists. UCLan’s research verified these claims, confirming that, when compared to traditional underwired bras, the Optifit bra design clinically reduced back and shoulder pain.

The study took place over eight weeks, with two four week intervention periods, after which the effects of a traditional bra were compared to the effects of wearing an Optifit bra. The study found that the Optifit design had an improved quality of fit when compared to other bras, to the extent that it improved posture in participants.

This new research from the University will mean that women with larger breasts and back pain who frequently struggle to find a well-fitting bra can reduce pain and potentially reduce their chances of developing other health issues related to bad posture.

Dr Ambreen Chohan, biomechanics Research Fellow at UCLan, said: “It’s clear from our research that Optifit bras offer significant benefits for women.”

“Whilst traditional bras initially improved posture and breast uplift, these benefits were not maintained after four weeks. However, Optifit bras provided consistent support, and there was a noticeable improvement to posture after four weeks, as well as reduced back pain.”

"It’s clear from our research that Optifit bras offer significant benefits for women."

UCLan’s research centre is known for its innovation, following investment in new facilities as part of the University’s 10 year £200m

Campus Masterplan. So far, £12.5 million has been spent on forensic science, chemistry, fire study and research facilities, as well as 3D scanning technology and a new digital engineering laboratory.

In collaboration with the Allied Health Research Unit, the Optifit research was enabled by UCLan’s Idea Investment Voucher scheme which provides up to £20,000 for businesses to work with academics and develop new products and services that give them a competitive edge in domestic and international markets. Optifit is one of 20 products that have benefited from UCLan’s scheme.

Peter Leather, head of UCLan’s Innovation Team, said: “Optifit is another great example of how UCLan’s Idea Investment Voucher scheme can be a catalyst in supporting an innovative business with an innovative idea. The Idea Investment Voucher scheme is just one of a range of services open to businesses to utilise University expertise. Helping them to realise greater commercial success.”

Optifit's new bra promotes balanced posture
Optifit's new bra promotes balanced posture