UCLan hosts major law conference

15 September 2019

Leading figures from across the legal profession attend the most highly respected conference in the legal calendar

More than 400 top legal experts descended on Preston to discuss the pressing issues facing the law profession.

Leading figures including the President of the Supreme Court Lady Hale, joined renowned lawmakers and legal professors from the Society of Legal Scholars (SLS) for the annual four-day event held across the UCLan campus.

President of the SLS, and Professor of Law at UCLan, Richard Taylor welcomed the delegates to Preston for the 110th conference as the university hosted the four-day event.

Lady Hale was joined by Justice of the Supreme Court Lady Arden DBE, Law Commissioner Professor David Ormerod QC and Professor Andrew Burrows QC, who will also become a Justice of the Supreme Court next year.

Lady Hale said: “I have been a member of the SLS for 53 years and over that time I have seen the society grow in numbers, strength and influence. Every time I attend, I find it stimulating, lively, forward thinking and it brings me in touch with legal scholars from all walks of life, so it has been a great honour to speak and be hosted here at UCLan.”

In addition to numerous key speakers taking part in the conference, delegates also took part in 28 separate sessions held in buildings across the university campus, praising the campus’ modern facilities and ability to host large multi-day events.

Dr Lynne Livesey, Interim Vice-Chancellor at UCLan, said: “We are honoured to have hosted the SLS conference for the first time. It is the most highly respected conference in the legal calendar and took place at a very important time for the law profession.”

Photo Above: L-R Prof Andrew Burrows QC, Lady Hale DBE of Richmond, Prof Richard Taylor, Lady Arden DBE, Lynne Livesey, Prof David Ormerod.