From Toulouse to Tanterton

28 July 2019

First-class degree for student who swapped the south of France for North West England

Alexane Rollot swapped her home in France for Preston and is now celebrating her graduation from the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan).

The UCLan graduate moved from her home in Toulouse to be with her boyfriend and ended up buying a home with him and getting an honours degree from the city’s University.

Alexane, who now lives in Ingol, has just graduated with first-class honours in international business and management studies. 

And, she has now lander herself a job in project management with the world-leading Fujitsu company.

She said: “I have been applying all over for every graduate appointment and am really excited to have got this. I really want to do the international business side of things so this degree enabled me to do both.”

She added: “It has been really hard work and I have had to learn English at the same time but I don’t regret it all. I still can’t believe I have done it. I have been working while studying part-time, so I had to discipline myself and stick to schedules.

“It was hard work with University work in the morning then work in the afternoon and sometimes flipped things round. I kept Friday’s off to work on my assignments and the weekends too, but I don’t regret it.”

Her parents travelled over from France for the graduation ceremony and were joined by her boyfriend, who graduated recently from Bath, and now who works for BAE Systems.

Alexane has landed a position with Fujitsu, based in Bracknell, and starts her new job in September.