Cooperation for growth across frontiers

8 March 2019

UCLan’s Cyprus Campus welcomes British Council Chief Executive

Senior education and culture representatives have been given an insight into how the University of Central Lancashire’s (UCLan) growing Cyprus Campus is playing a major part in international education.

Sir Ciaran Devane, Chief Executive Officer of the British Council, was joined in Pyla by University leaders and higher education experts to observe UCLan’s Transnational Education (TNE) partnership model.

During the visit, Sir Devane delivered a presentation entitled ‘There’s no Such Thing as an Island’, which argued that the “education, collaboration and cultural exchange are all essential if nations are to develop across frontiers”.

Following the presentation, an interesting discussion unfolded, speculating how the prolonged Brexit uncertainty will impact the future of UK higher education.

Professor Panikkos Poutziouris, Rector of UCLan Cyprus, highlighted how the University enjoys ‘hedging advantages’ and wants capitalise on the emerging changes in the UK higher education sector.

He said: “We are ready to strategically develop our TNE partnership model, which offers double awarded degrees accredited by the Cyprus Quality Assurance Agency, as we are pursuing growth in the uncharted horizons of the post Brexit era, which also gives scope for the regeneration of the Commonwealth of Nations.”

The UK Higher Education Delegation visited Cyprus to see the further development of the University across education, professional training, research and also the promotion of the TNE partnership model, by building bridges between UK, local and regional partners.