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Financial Information

We are committed to providing a corporate and professional service at all times and with this in mind we have tried to provide useful and beneficial financial information below, including our regulations, policies and procedures.

Statutory accounts

To view the available statutory accounts of the University Group, select a year from below:

Financial regulations

A copy of our group financial regulations, including delegated legal authorities can be found below:

Ethical investment policy

The University routinely invests funds with third party organisations through the regular deposit of surplus funds. Wherever possible, the University wishes to make such investments in ways that are consistent with the mission and values of the University as expressed in its statutory and corporate documents.

The University’s ethical investment policy is based on the premise that the University’s choice of where to invest should reflect the ethical values it adopts in public life. The University seeks to achieve a maximum return from a portfolio of investments that have been selected prudently.

The University invests funds on a regular basis with various third party organisations through the deposit of surplus funds. These deposits are invested through overnight deposit accounts, notice accounts and money market deposits with UK banks and building societies. In addition, a set limit of funds may be placed in money market funds, asset management and stock and shares in accordance with the University’s Treasury Management Policy.


In order to fulfil a commitment to this policy the University will:

  • Review on a routine basis whether any investment is contrary to the University’s value system
  • Consider representation from members of the University community that the University should not invest, or should disinvest, in specific companies
  • Issue guidance for fund managers responsible for the University’s investments
  • Monitor the operation and effectiveness of the policy on an annual basis 

In deciding on counterparties and companies in which to invest, the university aims where possible to remain consistent with ethical values in pursuit of its visions and values. In order to achieve these aims, the university will not knowingly invest in companies whose activities could be seen to endanger individuals or groups of people, or whose activities are inconsistent with the mission and values of the university, its community and its wider stakeholder network. 


The Ethical Investment Policy will be reviewed as part of the annual review of the Treasury Management Policy. The operation of the policy will be considered and reported on annually by the Treasury Management Group and will therefore be part of Treasury Management Policy Statement. Formal annual approval of the policy will be sought from the University Chief Finance Officer.

Treasury Management – University of Central Lancashire December 2020

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