School of Medicine and Dentistry Hardship Fund

Giving to UCLan

Our students are brilliant, hard-working individuals. Despite often difficult circumstances, they thrive. But they need your support.

We help those we can, but to respond swiftly and positively when an unexpected need arises, they need flexible support. The School of Medicine and Dentistry Hardship Fund enables us to support more students and enable them to focus on learning to be the best they can be.

Qualifications in areas such as Medicine, Dentistry, Physician Associate Studies and Vision Sciences are a substantial investment for our students. Programmes are often longer than regular courses, and involve a lot of time, work and effort to complete.

A significant proportion of our students face financial hardship during their studies. Many are government-sponsored, but this funding often only covers the bare essentials. Others are funded by their families, who are often making huge sacrifices to support the student’s education. For those students from overseas, most are a long way from home with the additional burden that brings.

Many of our students are on courses that are regulated by a professional body, and may incur costs that other students do not have to face. This includes a need for smart workwear, equipment and travel costs.

With the generous donations we receive from our benefactors, we can help our students overcome these hardships. This support helps them achieve their dreams as qualified medical professionals.

Interested in donating?

The support we provide for our students generously comes from funds provided by benefactors. This fund, among others, is available and open for donation.

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